Nakeisha Lodge-Tulloch

I have a passion for maternal and perinatal health, specifically investigating developmental origins of health and disease. Over the past two years at Queen’s University, under the mentorship of Dr. Charles Graham, Dr. Tiziana Cotechini, and Dr. Maria Velez, I’ve had the joy of exploring the impact of pregnancy complications on the future health of […]

Susan Marlin

Susan Marlin is the President and CEO of Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO), an organization established by the Province of Ontario in 2012 to make Ontario a preferred location for global clinical trials while maintaining the highest ethical standards. Prior to joining CTO served as the Associate Vice-Principal at Queen’s University. Susan worked with the Canadian […]

James Reynolds

Dr. James Reynolds is a Professor in the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences and the Centre for Neuroscience Studies at Queen’s University. His interdisciplinary research program has included both basic and clinical investigations on the mechanisms and consequences of prenatal alcohol exposure on the developing brain, and the resulting cognitive, behavioural and social-emotional deficits […]