There are two committees operating within the CCHCSP Organizational structure, all reporting to the Executive Committee via the Director: the Selection Committee and the Curriculum Committee.

Selection Committee

Selecting potential clinician scientists for the future of child health research in Canada is an extremely important task in which members of the Selection Committee play a crucial role. The purpose of the Selection Committee is to enhance and execute the recruitment, retention, and support of outstanding individuals who will advance Canadian child health across our entry disciplines. The Committee will carry out the CCHCSP applicant selection and adjudication process as described in the adjudication section.  They will also participate in the evaluation of current trainees during the National symposium annually, meeting with both trainee and mentors separately.  New Selection Committee members are nominated by committee members, and approved by the CCHCSP Executive to serve a 5-year term. The committee has representation from all four pillars of health research and includes at least one representative from medicine/surgery, psychology, nursing, rehabilitative sciences, and other disciplines to represent the cross section of CCHCSP trainees. Geographic representation is encouraged, with also a minimum two former trainees of the program.


Jennifer Protudjer

Brendan Andrade

Brenndon Goodman

Bukola Salami

Claudia Tersigni

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick

Gina Dimitropoulos

Jessica Omand

Jill Zwicker

Kellie Thiessen

Laurie Snider

Lesley Pritchard (Wiart)

Lisa Satlin

Liz Crawford

Mathieu Lemaire

Melanie Noel

Rahul Chanchlani

Richard Keijzer

Richard Oster

Samantha Anthony

Sandra Peláez

Wanda Philips -Beck

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee oversees the operation and advancement of the CCHCSP Core Curriculum. The committee members  work directly with the CCHCSP Director and Program Manager to ensure effective up-to-date content and tools within the existing infrastructure and potential for novel tools and advancement. Committee members are nominated from the CCHCSP community and approved by the CCHCSP Executive to serve a 5-year term.  The committee also guides the development of the content for the CCHCSP annual symposia and address any centre based concerns.


Catharine Walsh

Cheri Deal

Danijela Grahovac

Jaime Winkler

Julia St Louis

Mandy Archibald

Mansi Tiwari

Sandra Peláez

Tina Montreuil

Executive Committee

Executive Committee has the ultimate authority over the program and provides the strategic direction and operational aspects of CCHCSP. The committee is responsible to ensure that the program maintains its focus on meeting the needs for child health clinician scientist training in Canada, and keeps pace with the changing research landscape. The committee has final authority over the trainee selection process, financial stewardship, policies, guidelines, and appointment of the Director and program staff. The Program Operations Committee (Director and Program Manager) will implement the program and report to the Executive. New Executive Committee members are nominated by existing committee members, and approved to serve a 2-year term. This 6-person committee has representation from each of the 3 regions (Region 1: Atlantic Provinces & Quebec; Region 2: Ontario; Region 3: Prairies and British Columbia. In addition, trainee a representative and two disciplinary representatives are included.


Catherine Birken

Despoina Manousaki

Jennifer Stinson

Jill Zwicker

Johanne Jean-Pierre

Malcolm King

Naveen Poonai

Nils Chaillet

Piush Mandhane

Richard Keijzer

Ron Thomson

Susa Benseler

Susan Samuel

Timothy Regnault


Susan Samuel

Linda Pires