The Mentorship Committee will be a space for all mentors to attain guidance on good mentorship skills, provide feedback on mentoring process and policies within the platform, and give the platform updates on the progress of their assigned learners. Mentors will create a mentorship plan for all their learners and participate in the evaluation of the learners and their local supervisors, reporting back to the committee. A list of all ENIRCH mentors can be found below.  View our Terms of Reference here. 


Gina Dimitropoulos


Alene Toulany

Alexandra King

Aline Bogossian

Amanda Froehlich Chow

Amy Metcalfe

Andre Renzaho

Andrea Doria

Andrea MacLeod

Anita Kozyrskyj

Anne-Marie Hourigan

Anne Monique Nuyt

Anton Miller

Argerie Tsimicalis

Avram Denburg

Benjamin Goldstein

Camisha Sibblis

Carla Hilario

Charlotte Moore Hepburn

Christine Hampson

Cindy-Lee Dennis

Claudia Mitchell

Delores V. Mullings

Eyal Cohen

Eytan Wine

Frédéric Dallaire

Georg Schmolzer

Gina Muckle

Hasina Samji

Hope Weiler

Indra Gupta

Isabelle Marc

Jacqueline Pei

Joan Robinson

Jonathon Maguire

Jude Mary Cenat

Judith Hall

Kate Nelson

Kelly Harding

Kimberley Widger

Lauren Kelly

Leanne Ward

Leslie Skeith

Liisa Galea

Lindsay Jibb

Luseadra McKerracher

Malcolm King

Marc Beal

Maria Ospina

Marion Williams

Mark Feldman

Martin Ferguson-Pell

Mary Ani-Amponsah

Megan Beggs

Melanie Couture

Melanie Morris

Melanie Noel

Merilee Brockway

Michelle Phoenix

Natalie Delia Deckard

Natasha Saunders

Nathanial Maeda

Naveen Poonai

Nicole Letourneau

Nils Chaillet

Pablo Nepomnaschy

Pascal Lavoie

Patricia Fontela

Paul Arnold

Paula Robeson

Peter Gill

Piush Mandhane

Quynh Doan

Rachel Flynn

Rhonda Bell

Robert Schroth

Robyn Stremler

Roger Zemek

Samina Ali

Sandra Davidge

Shannon MacDonald

Stephane Bourque

Stephen Matthews

Susan Marlin

Terry Klassen

Tim Oberlander

Timothy Regnault

Tracey Galloway

Vivian Tsang

Yves Tremblay